The Independent Woman: Keeping you as Close as Arms Length

Posted on Saturday, June 14th, 2008
Written by: Angela, Nutritionist

The idea of losing a sense of self if we get too close to someone can be a very scary feeling.  This defense mechanism can be quite damaging because it affects relationship building, in love and in friendship.  Learning how to share your space can only happen once you identify the fears that prevent it.  A simple exercise in identifying the fears, benefits and developing a plan of “openness” can help.  On a piece of paper, list on the left side your fears of “letting this person in”, on the right side, list the benefits of having the person in your life, and on the bottom develop action steps that can be taken in opening up and becoming more accepting of this person in a manner that is comfortable and attainable for you.  Understanding your fears will enable you to face them head on.

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