The Independent Woman: Help…. Who Me?

Posted on Saturday, June 14th, 2008
Written by: Angela, Nutritionist

The very idea that if we ask for help we are indebted to someone, or that the person will reject our request thereby putting us in a vulnerable position. For many people they fear that by asking for help, they are admitting they have a weakness, or that they cannot be everything to everyone.  Asking for help is one thing, but this can go even beyond that.  How many times have you turned down the sales clerk in the department store who asks if they can help you find something?  Truth be told, the sales clerk is asking to assist you as part of their duty, and more often than not, people, in general, are willing to lend assistance. The best way to combat this automatic response is to ask a favor.  Begin with a small favor and branch out into something more significant, like emotional support during a trying time.  Learning that people are willing to help, despite our mental breakdown, can be very inspiring.

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