Is 48 or 64oz of water per day necessary?

Question: Do we need 48 oz of water intake or is it 64 oz per day.

Answer: Current recommendations for water are 8, eight ounce glasses per day which would equal 64 ounces. This amount should be sufficient for most healthy persons who are not in a hot, humid environment or sweating from physical work or exercise and should drink more water, more often.

There is an easier method to seeing if you are hydrated: pay attention to the color of your urine each time you urinate. (Urine that has accumulated in your bladder during sleep will be more concentrated and yellow. Otherwise, if your kidneys didn't concentrate urine during sleep, you would have to wake up to urinate.) After the urinating the first time after waking up, your urine should be light yellow and odorless for the remainder of the day. This assumes that you have normal functioning kidneys and no bladder disease or infection.