Energy Bars CAN Taste Great!

Posted on Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
Written by: Angela, Nutritionist

If you have ever tried a cardboard-tasting energy bar, you know exactly where I am coming from. Although energy bars are a convenient way to fuel your body in and around your workouts, they should also meet one more criteria — gasp! — they should taste good! Fortunately for us, the energy bar makers been listening. Tastier whole foods-based bars are emerging to rave reviews. I might even go so far as to say that these new energy bars taste great! 

Ingredients matter! Made from raw, natural ingredients, the tastiest new finds in the energy bar aisle are those that taste like real food. Organic-based whole food bars (those with raw ingredients like fruits and nuts that aren’t processed and have no added sugar) are best, of course. Just be sure to check the label and complete a Bar Exam: Does your Energy Bar Pass The Test? Does the bar have adequate protein and fiber to fuel you through your workout? If you are looking for taste and a bar that will pass the exam, try the following great selections:

The List! I’ll start off with the best-tasting bar I’ve ever eaten…drum roll, please…Raw Organic bars! You can find these at Whole Foods Market. (If a Whole Foods store isn’t convenient for you, search online for this or any of the other bars listed here. Each bar’s website offers a store locater or will direct you to online purchasing.) Next, try Solo Bar (Whole Foods and GNC Stores), Balance Gold Bar, or PowerBar’s new Nut Naturals Bars. These four bars work beautifully as snacks. They have around 200 calories and provide a good balance of protein and fiber.

Also try 100% Organic and Raw Live Food Bars by Go Raw. These bars are made with only organic ingredients and are as natural and healthy as can be..

If you are a chocolate lover then you must try Larabar’s new Jocalat Pure Organic Chocolate Food Bar. These bars are fair-trade organic chocolate in its purest form! Harmonizing with fruits and nuts, each flavor contains no more than six simple ingredients and is 90% raw, as well as free from gluten, soy and added sugars. This bar comes in under 190 calories and contains at least 20% of the recommended daily value for fiber.

If you love trail mix but still want the convenience of a bar, try the hefty ProBar (Whole Foods or REI stores). It packs 15 whole foods (unprocessed ingredients) like fruits and nuts into its compact 3 ounces. This bar has 380 calories, so eat it with a piece of fruit or a yogurt for lunch and you have a complete meal.

Going for more fruit? Going for more fruit? The all-organic Nectar bar from Cliff Bar, gives you two servings of fruit and comes in at only 160 calories. The Lara Bar (Whole Foods, Trader Joes) offers 1.5 servings of fruit in each of eight flavors, including the newest, Pecan Pie. The Alpsnack bar (, also made with whole foods, has a generous dose of omega 3 fatty acids from hemp nuts. These bars are healthy, but also dry and crumbly, making it tougher for them to be eaten on the go. (Try one crumbled over a yogurt for a healthy snack or as part of a well-balanced lunch).

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  1. I just tried the larabars last week and LOVED them. I really like that they only have 6 ingrediants, I know what they are, and there’s no added sugar. It’s a little high in calories for me but it’s a great on the go option!

  2. I like food bars as a quick snack. Has anyone heard about one called Cocommune Bar? It’s a sugar free blend of rich dark chocolate with a creamy coconut filling.

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