8 Degrees of Separation from Meal Planning with a Food Sensitivity

Posted on Friday, March 19th, 2010
Written by: Angela, Nutritionist

8 Degrees of Ingredients

Finalist 2008 Next Generation

Indie Book Awards!

8 Degrees of Ingredients is an essential, comprehensive cookbook for anyone suffering from food allergies, intolerance, or sensitivities.

Author Melisa Priem on

KARE 11 Showcase Minnesota

I applaud author Melisa Priem for creating recipes without the eight main allergens. Meal planning can be hard enough when you only have to pull gluten or dairy out. I come across so many people who are dealing with systemic inflammation and are reactive to pretty much everything. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to remove soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, nuts and shellfish (she removes all fish as well).

In addition to eliminating the top eight allergens from every recipe, this cookbook is 100 percent gluten- and dairy-free.

8 Degrees of Ingredients is the first cookbook on the market to incorporate essential hypoallergenic cooking techniques directly into the recipes.

Includes more than 250 recipes for gourmet classics like Osso Buco and Turkey Tetrazzini, traditional favorites like Classic American Potato Salad and Meat Loaf, and comfort foods like Vanilla Pudding and Cream of Chicken Soup.

8 Degrees of Ingredients is available online for purchase from Bookhouse Fulfilment and Amazon.com

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